A cottage in Rila mountain

A cottage in Rila mountain This villa was built in the 1940s by the project of Dimitar Tsolov (part of the great architectural tandem Tsolov and Vasilyov – the authors of “Sveta Nedelya” church and the building of the Bulgarian National Bank in Sofia). The two almost identical houses, built on adjacent plots, were nationalized […]

Sunshine in the office

Sunshine in the office The aim of this interior design was to create a feeling of common space while maintaining the personal comfort of the employees. The office is designed as a whole, but divided into four functional units. From every point in the office, all the other parts can be seen. The small space […]

Open-plan living

Open-plan living The unique interior design solution proposed to the investor is an open-plan apartment. This is determined by its location. The glass panels along the whole length of two of the apartment walls open it out entirely to the internal courtyard in this old neighborhood. External roll-up blinds offer intimacy and protection from glare. […]

The Kokoshkov House

The Kokoshkov House The theme of this project is the contrast between old and new. The renovated facade and the interpretation of an old Bulgarian courtyard with a standpipe, cobblestones and greenery, although simplified in its details, shows how a balance has been achieved from the moment you walk in the door. The old building […]


OUI Café A fundamental feature of this project is the fact that the cafe is open to the street. The long “stage” formed by the windows can be opened along its entire length. The life of the cafe becomes part of street life. The menu is posted on the window display.The client requires the use […]


Над-архитектура An administrative building from the 1970s is to have new representative functions and a new appearance to fulfill its designation. The additional loading in case of an added superstructure will require the structure of the existing building to be re-worked. This project strives to solve this complex problem. The solution! A bridge structure standing […]


di+ The apartment in an old block of flats in Sofia is conceived as a boutique, with a requirement to retain the existing windows and doors and the time-honoured atmosphere of the residence. At the same time, the client needs a minimalist environment to present the di+ collection, with visible plastering, stucco, wood and metal, […]

House #1

Къща #1 The location of the new building meets three basic requirements: allowing vehicles to enter from the street, preserving the existing greenery and sheltering the building from strong west winds. The situation of the new building takes into account its aspect to the main building.The spaces of the two houses are set at an […]

Architecture in a container

Architecture in a container София, близо до Лъвов мост, улица „Листопад“, номер 6. Домът на L6 Studio се намира на може би неочаквано място…Пространството, неголямо и на няколко нива, се отваря към улицата с метални сгъваеми врати с дървени ламели. Затворени, те се свързват с дървената обшивка на сградата и напомнят изгледа на индустриален контейнер. […]


ART CHIC A new home needs rearrangement of the spaces and their functionality. A special selection of furniture, high-quality materials and good ideas creates a high-end air. The entrance to the living area on the ground floor is organised as a part of the dining room and kitchen. A fire burns in the fireplace behind […]