The Kokoshkov House

The theme of this project is the contrast between old and new. The renovated facade and the interpretation of an old Bulgarian courtyard with a standpipe, cobblestones and greenery, although simplified in its details, shows how a balance has been achieved from the moment you walk in the door. The old building is priceless. The new one supports it without being impersonal. This was the home of Dr. Kokoshov, one of the first Mayors of Samokov after the liberation. Built in 1898, it was gutted by fire and only the facade and a few internal red and gold-coloured walls remained. The tale about the existence of the old house can be followed from the interior, with antique furniture, lamps and mirrors. It is reminiscent of a hunting lodge (Borovetz is only 10km away), with a high fireplace, wood panelling and hunting trophies, but they can now be appreciated in a clean and modern framework. The rooms are painted in various colours like in the old Bulgarian houses from this period. Antiques and rug-like upholstery bring together the Orient and Vienna. The bathrooms are in stone like the old Turkish baths in houses more than one century old. The parapets are made entirely of glass to contrast with the old style. The basement has been made into a SPA in graphite grey and rough plaster work like in an old cellar. The treatment of the openings emphasizes the thickness of the walls (more than 1m in places). The Jacuzzi is in red mosaic and Svarovski crystal, reminiscent of the chandeliers in the restaurant and the lobby bar, while the facing is in stone and wood.

Architecture: L6 studio (Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev, Darina Simeonova)
Stage of implementation: completed 2006
Basic characteristics: Business club ~1300 m2 in an architectural monument building in the old center of Samokov. Includes restaurant, hotel part with 2 apartments and 4 rooms, spa, covered terrace and yard ~ 500 m2
Location: Samokov