Open-plan living

The unique interior design solution proposed to the investor is an open-plan apartment. This is determined by its location. The glass panels along the whole length of two of the apartment walls open it out entirely to the internal courtyard in this old neighborhood. External roll-up blinds offer intimacy and protection from glare. Unified teak flooring inside and outside gives an increased feeling of space in the small living area available and connects the exterior and interior. The common space is divided by a hanging wall and piece of furniture 4 metres long, containing audio-visual equipment and other items. The lounge entirely facing the courtyard is on one side of the wall, and the bedroom is on the other side. The kitchen worktop is a 3.5 m long metal structure covered in wood, with a hot plate, a sink and a dining space. The partition walls of the bathroom and the hanging closet are made of matt glass, reinforcing the open-plan idea.

Architecture: L6 studio (Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev)
Stage of implementation: completed 2004
Basic characteristics: A guest apartment of a company – 85 m2 + a 55 m2 terrace on the top floor of a new office building in the old city centre
Location: Sofia