A cottage in Rila mountain

This villa was built in the 1940s by the project of Dimitar Tsolov (part of the great architectural tandem Tsolov and Vasilyov – the authors of “Sveta Nedelya” church and the building of the Bulgarian National Bank in Sofia). The two almost identical houses, built on adjacent plots, were nationalized during the communist era. One of them was handed over to the British Embassy and has been, to a large extent, preserved  altogether with the authentic furniture, designed by the same architect. The other villa – the objective of L6 studio’s work – was handed over to the Security Service in order to accommodate the security staff of the neighboring government residence. Its authentic interior hasn’t been well preserved, though the doors, the staircase and the fireplaces were left intact, thus retaining the feel of the era. The project aims to restore as much as possible of the original appearance of the building. Compromised over the years, the roofing and the clapboards have been replaced with new elements that mimic the old ones. The facades have been thermally insulated, the windows have been replaced with new, wooden ones, and their shutters have been restored. Inside, the wooden beams of the floor structure, the wooden staircase and the fireplaces have been restored and exposed and new doors, made in the image of the old ones, have been installed. The building is a cultural monument and deserves due respect, as does the great architect from the period of modernism in Bulgaria.

Архитектура: L6 studio (Ivaylo Zahariev, Adriana Dimitrova) & Stana Bozadzhievaа
Фаза на изпълнение: completed 2024
Основни характеристики: reconstruction of a building and interior design – 300 m²
Местонахождение: Borovets