Къща #1

The location of the new building meets three basic requirements: allowing vehicles to enter from the street, preserving the existing greenery and sheltering the building from strong west winds. The situation of the new building takes into account its aspect to the main building.
The spaces of the two houses are set at an angle allowing them to accept and complement each other, the main focus being on the sterner appearance of the existing house. The new house is “concealed” behind its dark coloured Eternit fibre cement shell. The main space is drawn out into a parallelepiped taking in the entrance and the facade opening out to the swimming pool. The building has a metal structure. The aim is to ensure a light structure bridging the large day area.
The choice of materials is subordinated to the link between the two buildings: wood, glass and stone are used for the low facade walls, the bathrooms and the floors. This lends the walls a rich dark grey colour as a background to the colourful furniture. The swimming pool is located between two buildings, their living spaces united by opening many of the glass window fronts of the new facade.

Architecture: L6 studio (Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev, Miroslav Dragnev)
Stage of implementation: completed 2008
Basic characteristics: Summer guest house – 300 m2, living area, two bedrooms with bathrooms, storage rooms, staff bathroom, mechanical room in the basement – 20 m2, 3-car garage, a pool 15 x 3.60 m
Location: Bankya