Sunshine in the office

The aim of this interior design was to create a feeling of common space while maintaining the personal comfort of the employees. The office is designed as a whole, but divided into four functional units. From every point in the office, all the other parts can be seen. The small space available is used to create conditions for teamwork and to allow all employees to concentrate on their work. The natural lighting reaches the innermost part of the office, i.e. the meeting room, passing through a system of sliding glass walls. The designers selected plain and uncomplicated monochrome surfaces to provide a much-needed contrast to the Sofia landscape outside, which gives an old feeling. The white suspended ceilings conceal the heating convectors and follow the line of the cabinet furniture. Light-colored roll-up screens offer protection from the sun in the south and from the neighboring facades.

Architecture: L6 studio (Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev)
Stage of implementation: completed 2004
Basic characteristics: Office – 110 m2 + a 30 m2 terrace on the top floor of a new office building in the old city centre
Location: Sofia