Second Hand

The home of architect Ivaylo Zahariev (L6 studio) is open, welcoming and honest. Cool because of the industrial aesthetic and charmingly warm because of the traces of lived stories, sifting out the important personal grains of the sand of one’s own past and present, from the personal understanding of art. When you first walk in here, you realize how the place has been adjusting, over the years, the owner’s sensibility to himself. This is only possible with sufficiently responsive sensitivity. Beyond the assessment of the unconditional aesthetics and functionality – the apartment radiates happiness, that extends to the root of the word luxury (lux (lat.) – light). Ivo’s home reflects his own light. “We explain to all clients that luxury is creating your own house, in which you recognize yourself. This apartment stems from the things that are important to me – the visible materials, the past – mine and my family’s, my understanding of art. In turning an ordinary object into art, when you load it with a different story or emotion.” It’s in this different way, that the arranged old Coca Cola bottles, the replicas of Ingo Maurer’s winged lamps, the ceramic angels, the deer head made of Styrofoam, the ornamented leg of an antique console do function here, alongside with the works of some contemporary artists – Monika Popova’s ceramic heart, Kalin Serapionov’s luminous inscription and a painting by Jasen Zgurovski. The visible bricks originate from the old house where the architect grew up, that formerly occupied the site where the current building has been raised in the 90s. The old chests, the “Radiosynchron” clock, signs, medical containers turned into nightstands – these are details of the life of parents and grandparents. The several recognizable iconic objects of Artemide, Vitra and Panton mark the passage of the architect through the history of design. (text: Bravacasa)

Architecture: L6 studio (Adriana Dimitrova, Ivaylo Zahariev)
Stage of implementation: completed 2018
Basic characteristics: apartment interior – 90 m2
Location: Sofia