AGITPROP carries out film projects with photography also being part of their work. They have photographed many of our completed projects. They approached us years ago when they bought an old building in an inner Sofia courtyard. It needed both reconstruction and upgrading for the space they wanted to inhabit – including a small cafe, lab, print room, screening room, work and office spaces, as well as a lovely habitable roof for events and contemplation the old Sofia roofs. For this purpose, part of the building had to be excavated to strengthen the foundations, another part was cracked and had to be demolished and the volume rebuilt reliably, the old brick walls had to be reinforced with concrete anti-earthquake walls and an additional attic floor was added. Their attitude towards the old city led the photographers Boris Misirkov and Georgi Bogdanov to restore an ancient facade in a yard with a vine, and the strengthening of the structure from the inside and the beauty of the construction work led us to their honest “exposure ” in the interiors. The metal roof structure with ribbed sheet metal for the formwork, the metal ladder, the reinforcement of columns with anchors and rails, as well as the concrete walls became the backdrop for the photographic and cinematographic art that lives inside this beautiful space today.

Architecture: L6 studio (Ivaylo Zahariev, Adriana Dimitrova)
Structural engineering: Polin Mihaylov
Stage of implementation: completed 2018
Basic characteristics: reconstruction and interior design of a building– 450 m2
Location: Sofia