Modern life creates a new type of housing – a temporary one, having some basic functions shaken off while emphasized others, borrowed from urban culture. Its warmth is reminiscent of the luminous trail of a car on wet asphalt. Without any sentimentality – this is the perfect haven. The owner of this apartment does not live in Bulgaria, but when he comes back, he stays here and certainly calls it “my Sofia home” – the football player Nikolay Mihailov. The huge picture windows, through which the view from above glides along the lines of the urban landscape, are the apartment’s priceless characteristic, around which the design solutions revolve. The lifestyle of the owner guides the architects to achieve the nocturnal bohemian radiance, where dark shades, leather, glass and metal reflections, and the built-in lighting that replicates the vision of the night city are superimposed. And while the warm heart of the traditional home usually beats along the rhythm of food preparation, being connected to the kitchen and dining room – here, a separate dining area is completely absent, except for the kitchen island (more of a place for snacks, drinks and coffee) , and the kitchen itself has the option to be completely shut. It is one of the most definitive expressions of the new functions of this home – close to those of club life, with its lights and shadows, transparency and reticence. The bathroom area went through the most drastic reconstruction, and – by being mounted together with the bed on a teak platform and separated only by a glass screen – became a part of the bedroom. The spectacular ceramic tiling passing from the bathroom to the bedroom are a leitmotif that brings an urban look. (text: Bravacasa).

Architecture: L6 studio (Ivaylo Zahariev, Adriana Dimitrova)
Stage of implementation: completed 2014
Basic characteristics: interior design of an apartment – 130 m2
Location: Sofia