Facing the National Theater

Sofia and two of its iconic buildings – the National Theater and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, is the inspiration for this large apartment for a family of six. The owners live between Sofia, London and Paris and are therefore looking for a cosmopolitan aesthetics that will make the transition between the cities almost imperceptible. The concept captures the bohemian spirit of old Sofia, without false aristocracy and imitations of classics. The worldly glamor of the past is expressed in the language of design quite literally – through golden elements. This golden thread is inscribed in a calm, clean, modern environment and sounds elegant, with a subtle touch of whimsy that brings chic and charisma to the interior. The building dates back to the 1960s, with high ceilings and nice common areas, but with small bathrooms and an old-fashioned layout. The assignment represents a challenge, because the home has to accommodate the functioning of each member of the large family, while at the same time a large living room for all the residents must be provided. After remodeling, two apartments are united. The idea of the architects is to unite the rooms that have a view of the city garden and the theater (three separate rooms and a kitchen) into a single living area, and the rest of rooms, with a view of the courtyard, to be converted into 4 bedrooms for the parents and their four children. The lady is a photographer and insists on utilizing a monochromatic palette that would allow photographs and art to be exhibited. Gray was chosen for the walls throughout the apartment in different shades for each room. This basic color is complemented by two types of wood – the natural oak of the parquet and the dark wood of the furniture. Marble, leather and brass complement further the style of this apartment as a nod to the city’s past. (text: Our Home)

Architecture: L6 studio (Ivaylo Zahariev)
Stage of implementation: completed 2021
Basic characteristics: combining and interior design of two apartments – 190 m2
Location: Sofia