Achromatic harmony

The spacious, largely tailored and elegantly maintained apartment in the difficult achromatic range of gray shades is located in one of the new southern complexes in Sofia. It consists of a large living area, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The huge windows and the good distribution of the rooms were allies of the architects. To maintain the sense of spaciousness in the home and provide its occupants with ample storage space, they created an entire system of wall cabinets strategically placed along the long wall of the living room and in the kitchen area. The kitchen space is designed as discreetly as possible. The built-in appliances are hidden in a strip with a darker color and glass doors, which diversify the front of the cabinet furniture, and the maximally clean kitchen island does not weigh down the living room space. In front of it is an extravagant custom hybrid between a dining and a billiard room, that accommodates the owners’ desire of being able to practice their favorite game at home. Elegant shades of gray are chosen for the color scheme of the interior in contrast to the wooden floor. The unified color concept starts with the concrete plaster in the bathrooms, preferred over traditional tiles. This harmony of colors and materials is most prominent in the master bedroom, connected by a glass wall to its bathroom.(text: MD).

Architecture: L6 studio (Ivaylo Zahariev, Adriana Dimitrova)
Stage of implementation: completed 2020
Basic characteristics: interior design – 160 m2
Location: Sofia